Party Organizing Mistakes You Need To Avoid

jukesThe main mistake that most people make is that they underestimate the importance of organizing a good party. Since you are inviting people over to your house, you are obliged to make sure that they are happy and satisfied with the services that you have to offer. Therefore, as the host you need to make sure that your party is a fun one. If you have not organized a party before, then make sure to avoid the following rookie mistakes at all costs.
Insufficient Space
This usually happens when you do not tell your guests to RSVP. You need to know how many people will attend the event in order to make sure that the space will be enough. So, when you send out the invites, make sure to individually confirm with each and every guest. This will enable you to make sure that your party will not get too crowded.
Lack of Entertainment
A party without proper entertainment is no party at all. You need to make sure that your guests are entertained throughout the party. The type of entertainment you offer depends on the type of people you invite over. For instance, if it is part for adults, making a jukebox hire Melbourne is a great idea since it will enable you to get everyone on their seat. On the other hand, if it is a party for kids, you might want to stick to something such as face painting or magic performance.
Failure to Be Present
Just because you are offering free food and free booze, you cannot expect everyone to be pleased. You need to be there for your visitors and make your presence known. For instance, what is the point of making a jukebox hire Melbourne, if you are not going to dance for a number or too? Therefore, try not to get too preoccupied with the party arrangements. You need to enjoy it too.  For more info about slush machine hire at
Inadequate Food
This is the food mistake that you could do on the day. As the host, it is your responsibility to ensure that all your guests are properly fed. Just because you invited 50 people, it does not mean that you should order or cook food for 50 people. It is best to prepare the food for at least 70 just in case some people start to show up in the last minute or if someone drags their friends along to the party. It is best to have too much than to have not enough. If you manage to prevent yourself from making the above mistakes, you will be able to throw a great party for your friends, family or even colleagues.

How To Make The Special Events Happening Ones?

We come across different types of events in our lives and family re-unions, weddings, sports festival, drama festival, business conference are some examples of different events. You might have also participated in various events in your life and you might have found some events very lively and happening and you might have participated in the boring events as well. It is a known fact that the interesting things go into the mind and memory very soon and if the event is interesting you will remember and understand the purpose of the same very well. In order to make an event an interesting you can do certain things and some suggestions are given below to help you out.

Games and competitions
Games and competitions are also ideal options to entertain and keep the participants interested during the event. The type of the event that is organized and the type of the participants must be taken into account when choosing a game for and event. There are also games that can be used to make the participants get to know each other. Besides, the time of the event and the climate conditions has to be considered as well. If the participants of the event are young you can choose energetic games such as basketball, volleyball but if the participants are a group of kids you may have to choose different kinds of games such as blowing balloons to keep them interested in the event. if the event you are organizing a formal business one team building games that makes the participants use their intellect and skills can be chosen.

Entertaining activities and decoration
In order to make your event interesting and lively you can add some amusement or entertaining elements to the event programme. You can install a photo booth in the event premises and there is instagram printer for sale which can give the memories to the participants quickly. Decorations can also be made use to make the event a lively one there are giant letters for hire which you can use to add a liveliness to the event and which can also be used as a background for pictures, know more at

Music and dancing
Music and dancing are also very helpful two activities which can make an event interesting and lively. Music and dancing are felt very effectively by persons of any age and you can make use of that to keep the participants of your event active. Nowadays we see that karaoke, dj, symphony, orchestra are used to boost up the events.

Choosing The Right Marriage Celebrant

marrigeWedding marks an important milestone in the life of any individual. It is one of the most memorable moments which cannot be replaced easily for a lifetime to come. Hence, planning for a wedding requires as much as possible care and attention to detail. Proper planning ensures that everything works perfectly n sync with the original plan like clockwork. A marriage celebrant is an inevitable person to have your weddings planned and executed in the perfect manner.
Wedding celebrants play a vital role in planning the wedding venue, clothing, dining, floral arrangements, and décor of the venue and often in most cases, even the honeymoon trip. No matter how unique and personalized you want your wedding to be, a marriage celebrant will help you plan it in a professional way without the slightest glitch in it. Choosing the right wedding celebrant is the first step to ensuring that your marriage is made truly personal and special. They will turn this once in a lifetime event into an extraordinary one that you will gift memories to cherish for a long time.

Before approaching wedding celebrants Mount Tamborine, it is important that you make a rough plan of how you expect your wedding to be. Be it a traditional wedding or a unique modern wedding with out of box ideas, you need to jot down to last details sketched and conveyed to the marriage celebrant. It will help ease out the planning process and ensure that things get done faster without any loss of time. Some marriage celebrants are specialized in certain areas like stage décor, floral arrangements, dining, etc. all of which you have to take into account before engaging one.
It is worthwhile to have your wedding plans discussed and planned with your future partner too. It is going to be an event where both of you are going to be the centre of attraction. Hence, make sure the plans are well suitable for both of you and not something that causes inconvenience for the other. Perhaps, your partner might be able to chip in a better creative idea that can take the marriage a step further. Selecting the right wedding celebrant will be a cake walk if you can put in some time and effort to know about them. The time you spend on home work in finding a skilled and reliable wedding celebrant will never go waste. In fact, you will thank yourself later for the decision as it will prevent all possible things that can go wrong if an unreliable wedding celebrant is engaged. Do remember to discuss the final rates, extra charges if any and other specific requirements of the wedding celebrant so that there are no misunderstandings on the eve of the marriage. To know more about celebrant Gold Coast, visit

How Can You Lighten Up Your Proposal?

shootYou will not think much if you are going to marry a random girl off the streets. If you are thinking about how to make your proposal sweet and beautiful; it is obvious that you like this girl hopelessly. You know when she will frown and when she will laugh. You can look through her fake smile and hug her like your life depends on it. You are seriously in love with her. If you feel like keeping her happy is the most important thing in your life then she is the one who is made for you. You should not ê her leave you. This is if she feels the same way about you. If not; you should back off. Sometimes true love needs big sacrifices and in your case it would be your love in itself will the sacrifice.
You should have dated her before you feel in love with her. Therefore it is obvious that you will have facts about what she likes and dislikes. If you do not know her likes and dislikes then you should get to know her better before you ask her to marry you. This is not a little game to change often because once you show that you are not worth it then redemption is hard.

So instead of the clinché story where the guy gets on knees and asks the girl to marry him. You cannot find give her a ring and just marry her. Therefore here are few tips to help yourself. Ask her out to come in night for star grazing and then ask her to walk with you. You should already have placed the giant letter for hire. You can place them in a sentences like “will you marry me?” “Will you be with me for an eternity? These words should be lightened up one by one. This will elongate the surprise.

Then you can also call your immediate family to add happiness to the surprise. You can secretly have hidden photographer who will take pictures or you and your future partner while you were proposing to her. You can use these letters in buildings and organise it and let the lights come to light. Like all other lights in building have to be switched off. Thus this will be surprise. Moreover when your kids or younger ones asked you what you did or how you did propose to mom or granny; think hoe good will it be to tell them I proposed your granny or mom this fabulous. To know more about cheap photo booth hire Sydney, visit

Looking Back At Wedding Memories

Considering that fact that you are bound to not remember everything that happen on your wedding couple of days later, due to how stressful a wedding can be, having to have look at memories of it is important. For a couple the wedding can be extremely stressful, from having to have get ready for a couple of hours before the actual function time to, to having to talk to everyone, and get lost amidst all the ceremony being the center of attention can be tiring. Quite often you will not remember half of the people who attended especially from each other’s family and friends’ side. To our trying to have a ball of time as it is once you get married in life and you want to have it all. But all in all it’s a tiring day at the end.  So having the opportunity to go back and take a look at all the memories of that particular day is important. This lets you take a look back at your wedding day 6 months later, few years later and even have memories to show your kids and grandkids someday. So having all the memories noted down is important. With photography and videography taking over the world, this is no challenge at all today. With all latest technological advances, you can have your memories in any form.
Memories through photography
Modes of photography are getting creative and advanced each and every day. But this is one good option to take a look back at some of the best moments of your wedding. Many story books albums, to having photo strips, having digital pictures to Facebook albums are becoming ever so popular today. Whether you want it in a digital form or physical images, photographers make it an opportunity to make available what you want. Wedding photography captures some of the best moments of the wedding day from you and your loved ones.

Today the concept of photo booths is becoming ever so trendy in weddings. This offers a great way for both the couple and the guest to have fun in commemorating the occasion and then look back on to that day. Party hire company in Melbourne is so easy today and when you tell them it’s a wedding and your theme, they provide you with all the props needed. You can also add in a personal touch of what you would like, that makes it more personalized when you take a look back.

Memories through videography
Anything and everything that a photograph cannot capture, can be captured through having a videography at your wedding. This is another popular trend today. From having your whole process of getting ready for the wedding ceremony to the ceremonial procedures to the reception, everything is recorded and presented to couples as a story of their big day. Unlike an action it can capture all the lively action that can be missed out a picture. Wedding day vows, speeches and toasts, to the first dance everything can be relieved by having all the memories recorded. This is a good way to go back to your happiest day of your life, with your kids and even grandkids. Both photography and videography provide us a timeline of the wedding day and you can look back at these memories anytime and cherish upon them.

Making Your Party Stand Out From The Rest

When you are throwing a party you want your guests to remember it afterwards and talk about how much of a fantastic time they had. Whether it’s a birthday party, college party or engagement party you are planning, you would naturally want to make sure that it’s a unique one. By investing in an extra party element or two, you can ensure that your party will not be just another ordinary event. Pictures are important at any occasion because it gives you and your guests the opportunity to revisit those special moments. Without opting for a traditional camera to capture memories, you can select a photo booth hire. This will be a different and fun way for your guests to take pictures since it includes interesting silly props and a fun backdrop.

An alternative of going for party photo booth hire Melbourne would be to use a Polaroid camera to take pictures at your event. Even though buying Polaroid film may be costly, using a Polaroid camera has its advantages. This includes having instant photos and being able to write funny and interesting captions on each of the pictures. If you are not going to rent a photo booth consider creating your own backdrop for your guests to pose in front of while taking pictures.
In addition to providing your guests with creative and fun ways to take pictures, you can give them interesting food items. One such treat for them would be a snow cone machine at your party. Snow cones would undoubtedly be a pleasant surprise for your guests and will be especially welcomed if you are having your event during a hot day. Another unique feature to include at your party will be a ‘make-your-own-food-bar’. This can range from a nacho bar to a burger bar to a waffle bar. This will not only give your guests the freedom to choose what they like from a variety of options, it will also be a fun and interactive way for your guests to eat. To know more about patio gas heater hire Melbourne, visit this site.

If you want to liven up your party further you can invest in some glow sticks for your guests to wear during the party. You could also take it up a notch by buying some glow in the dark face paint instead. You can hire a professional to paint your guests with the glow in the dark paint or go for the cheaper option of letting them do it themselves. By including one or more of these features at your event, you will without a doubt, have a party that will be unique, entertaining and a memorable one.

What To Consider When Hiring A Ticketing Platform

There are very few things that cannot be done digitally. More and more people are becoming comfortable with various devices and are relying them for their daily activities. This means that there is a change in way that things are being done. This includes the sale of tickets to performances. Many people are now going online to purchase their entrance vouchers. This has led to an increase in online ticket booking system. The management of these systems can be quite complex so many decide to hire platforms to do the job for them. These agencies have specialized skills and so you must look for specific features when hiring such a platform. Here is a list of things that you should consider:

Demand of Your Services
One of the things that you must contemplate is the frequency and magnitude of the services that you provide to the public. If you have many shows throughout the year, a smaller online ticket booking system will be unable to cater to your needs. The capabilities of the platform must match the demand that there is for your services. Otherwise, this will simply lead to a lot of disruption in the amenities that you are attempting to provide to your consumers.

You should also determine the payment process that will occur between you and the platform. Do you pay a certain fee every time you use the service? Is there a monthly agreement that you have to adhere to regardless of how often you use the system? There are also certain organizations that deduct a small portion of the amount that consumers pay on their tickets. It is important to define how and how much you have to pay for the ticketing services. Depending upon this, you can determine whether or not the payment methods fit your business’s financial situation. To know more about online ticket sales, visit

Customer Experience
One of the most important deciding factors is the customer experience of the whole service. After all, if the customer does not like this system, they will not purchase your ticket. Ensure that you can test out the services that are being offered to you. The platform must be easy to use and should require minimal effort. The process must also be straightforward and there should be no diversions as the client is attempting to book and pay for the ticket. If the customer experience is satisfactory, the platform should be considered. There are many systems on the web so it is important to discern between the ones that are good and the ones that are inferior. These guidelines will help you make the right choice.

Types Of Corporate Events

eventsIf you’re the owner of a company, you should be aware of the various events that are organized throughout the year. Whether it involves a staff outing, professional meeting and so on, these events play a significant role for the overall performance of the company. At present, there’s high competition among businesses. Therefore, there’s constant pressure of performing well, in order to increase the sales of the company and grow the business. Therefore, when you’re organizing or attending any of these functions, you would notice a big difference in the setting and it’s purpose. With that said, if you’re company is launching a project, you would have to organize an event to promote and inform the media about it.

On the other hand, these events are organized to benefit both parties, which include the employees and the company. With that said, this article would be highlighting some important events that companies organize and attend throughout the year. On the other hand, if you’re still emerging in this industry, it would beneficial to be aware of these events:

•    Conferences or seminars

In the business world, you would get invited for various corporate events Melbourne or in any other area, such as conferences and seminars. In order to be successful in this industry, businessmen should be updated about the present situation of the markets. Therefore, these events are important markers for any business, as current affairs are being discussed, highlighted, etc. These seminars could be special overseas training, which gives ample of exposure.

•    Trade shows

Another popular even that businesses attend are trade shows or exhibitions. These types of events are useful in merchandizing a business’s products and services. Owners are able to reach wider audience, bring in new clients and contracts, etc. Therefore, this is an event that majorities of the emerging corporates look forward attending.

•    Recreational outings

On the other hand, at one point or the other, the staff of any company is bound to be exhausted and tired, with continuous work. Therefore, companies organize hens ideas Melbourne or elsewhere, such as outings to rejuvenate and enhance bonding among colleagues. As a fact, companies organize parties, outings and many more. It’s important for a company to take care of the employees and see to their welfare as well.  If you were looking to organize a seminar or special training for the employees then, this event would be organized differently to that of a recreational staff outing. Therefore, you need to understand the importance of these types of functions that are organized in this industry. With that said, if you’re organizing any of these events, you could hire corporate event managing companies to plan the function.

Avoiding Party Décor Mistakes, When You’re Organizing Any Party

When you organize any event, you expect the decorations and the entire program to be appreciated by the guests. Therefore, you consider every item of the checklist to be organized perfectly as possible. There are many who plan and organize it themselves, while other majorities hire event managing companies. At present, the event management industry is a business that’s booming. These companies take over projects of various scales and themes. However, not every event is always a success, due to a number of reasons. For instance from simple birthday functions to large-scale international musical concerts, fashion shows, etc. However, over the years experts have identified certain mistakes that flops the atmosphere and the entire program of the function.

These mistakes contribute greatly to how guests or invitees perceive the event. As a fact, they aren’t satisfied with the overall program. With that said, you might wonder what could these mistakes be? Over the years, professionals working in this industry have identified mistakes done when planning the decorations. As a fact, the funds and time invested in decorating the function is wasted. Hence, you could avoid such blunders, being aware of these mistakes:

  • Entrance

If you’re planning a party for your friend, plan the decoration properly. Depending on the size of the venue, you should plan the party decorations carefully. One common mistake is overcrowding the venue with bulk supplies. For example consider the entrance to the function (e.g. large balloon, flora arches, etc.). It gives a claustrophobic feeling to invitees, when the hall is filled unnecessarily.

  • Table centerpiece

Another important blunder that many organize wedding decorations do is, placing large table centerpieces. Therefore, it takes up a lot of space off the table, leaving little room for plates and cutlery to be placed. These clustered tables aren’t appealing to dine at. As a fact, make it a point to have stunning but small centerpieces.

  • Ceiling décor

You might not be aware of the fact that, some venues and halls have sensors installed in the ceiling. Therefore, when you put up party decorators at Balloons and Sparkle such as balloons or other floating objects, the alarm would go off. As a fact, in a few minutes you might hear the fire truck at a distant. Hence, inquire about the hall and set up frames to tie or pin such types of décor.

Taking the above into consideration, you could see what difference it makes, if these mistakes are avoided. Therefore, before starting with any type of décor for personal or official function think about the venue. Consider organizing the seating, important areas used for displays, entertainment system, buffet, etc. and plan the décor accordingly. As a fact, your funds, time and energy for planning a perfect event would be successful.

The Trendy Additions For Your Wedding Day

Break out from the old school ways of doing things on your big day especially if you are following a modern wedding theme. All of us want our big day to be unforgettable and talking for months. For this you can add some new features. In this article we came up with some trendy ideas for your wedding day. Hope you have a great day and that day is such an imprint on everyone that comes!

The new way of taking photos

Finding professional and good photographers to cover your big day can be tiresome when you don’t have good contacts. All you have to do to get a better idea on their work is to check online for local photographers. Sometimes, if you are lucky you can hire them from the same company that undertook all your wedding planning. However, the point we are trying to bring out is that not only the couple should be captured but others as well. Why don’t you get a professional photo booth hire to do the all-round service?

It would be so trendy and fun for everyone who comes. You can also get the real red carpet experience depending on this booth hire you get. These are the fun memories that will one day illuminate the great day of your life. Also if you want everyone to remember the fun they had in taking photos at your wedding we recommend you a photo booth hire.

The locations for your wedding

The trending wedding locations for the past few years were cruise weddings, lakeside weddings, beach side evens and yard weddings. Instead of hosting your event indoors you can take them out to the fresh air and enjoy the natures blessings as well. Especially a beach wedding would be a memorable experience for you. The waves and salty air would definitely hold a positive chance and spread the romance even more. This is why many of us draw a lot to beach resorts as well. So, your location has a direct impact on your wedding theme.

Other things to focus

The first peak of your wedding is your invitation cards. So, go for the new designs and patterns for your cards corporate photo booth hire at New Century PhotoBooths. One of them is the laser cut cards.

Your wedding cake does matter a lot as well when it comes to your preparations. Make sure your wedding cake is according to your theme. You can add lovely floral designs, pearls and many more designs. The latest rends is to make cupcake wedding cakes.

Flower bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids should match their colors of the dresses. Of course the bride will have a white bouquet but you can add some colors like rose pink, red and bright yellow flowers to give it a sweet and cute look. The bridesmaids on the other hand need to have bouquets matching to their dresses or even in shades to illuminate it better.